the how and sometimes the why

a mostly random and terribly one-sided account

Interests: (19)
books, cowboys, going bowling, keeping my nose clean, making and getting mail, pirates, playing crazy-putt, pocky, princess cinema, reading, robots, schmucking around, sewing, squids, strange stuffed animals, the colour red, typewriters, used book stores, vintage stuff
about me you say? well here's the gist:
I like to think I'm a pretty straight-forward person, I don't particularly like playing head games and I hate telling lies (well, about anything important). A little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone- assuming it's in the form of bowling or mini-putt. I'm not huge into the bar scene- I do like going to shows and having a few beers with friends, but you'll never catch me standing in a long line for some insipid dance club. I don't watch television anymore, but I love movies. Especially the very bad ones. I'm told I have a strange sense of humour, which is probably because I spend long hours in front of Mr. Stitch, the sewamatronic machine. Sometimes I sew more than I sleep. I have a fairly strange sense of humour, but I blame the absurdity of life for that. Most things are funny to me, and I like to laugh. I think apple juice is the best kind of juice there is.